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been looking at what's happening in places like texas and in places like tennessee, i'm in nashville, tennessee, today it's boomtown, usa. states that have no income tax and the evidence is irrefutable that businesses and capital and families are moving out of those high tax states like where you live in new york and moving to these no tax states. he so you've got a number of places like north carolina, like arkansas, like kansas and oklahoma and the south and southwest, that say, you know, we don't want to be like california we want to be like texas and they're looking at eliminating their income tax. >> paul: okay, steve, but what about the revenue losses? that will be the big complaint if you give that up you're going to lose revenue. how do you make it it up? >> a great question, a lot of states say we'll expand and maybe increase sales tax and that's been a political hazard if it hasn't worked well in places that tried that. i want to toss out another idea that some states are looking at. why not use this bonanza of money from the energy revolution we talked about a little bit e
eastbound, talking about april-like temperatures, 50s, 60s, 70s, the ohio valley and tennessee valley and warmth moving into the northeast. good news. we'll get a break from the deep freeze however with the warmth comes the potential for severe weather. and we'll have the threat, damaging winds and tornadoes tuesday and wednesday over the -- it spikes for itself the southern plains and tennessee valley and we can see severe weather and behind that another shot of arctic air. very, very bumpy road coming up the next week. >> rick: justin, thanks. >> arthel: the second amendment taking center stage in the capital today. activists are making their voices heard at a pair of rallies, religious leaders and hollywood stars addressed gun control supporters outside the capitol building and on this national mall a smaller event billed as a rally against gun extraction brought out those fighting to stop tougher firearms laws. >> rick: former vice presidential candidate paul ryan warping fellow republicans to stay unified and not allow democrats to cast them as villains, in a speech set the stage
area on the blow ground floor we could do that but i would argue that it's a less tennessee feet. you understand? i would rather close off the 5 foot court completely and take away the noise of the restaurant we've just continue to provide a fence at that 5 footpath so no one could walk onto the area >> it puts the deck smack against the hartford street. >> the fence would still be where it's shown today. >> yeah, and that gap there. and you understand that that ground there is pretty much there anyway. so if you're in the castro club by a foot or two you could walk back there. this is a race ground floor here you see the healthy relationships again we're putting in a - and the upper section in the height of the rear patio it's the one you look at in the photo of the rear building >> the plan shows the existing condition so the rear yard is not that much lower than the height of the proposed addition so the relationship at the rear of the property doesn't change that much. the commission does have the ability to have this extend all the way back. however, the limit is 2 thousand s
. >> schools were closed or closed early in georgia, tennessee, kentucky, north carolina, and in virginia. with cars and school buses had to negotiate with the ice. in much of the midwest and northeast where the storm is quickly moving and where it's still bitterly cold. >> my nose got really cold. >> reporter: schools are still open and health officials are warning parents to keep their kids safe. >> if your child hadn't been sick before, and you go outside and they're having a cough, that may be one of the first signs that they're having a bad response to the cold air. >> reporter: here are a few families to feel for in a supplies caught on camera. the people in this building in pontiac michigan have had no heat since saturday. and were using their ovens to keep warm. then adding insult to injury, the water pipes burst. it was really tough for firefighters battling a blaze in lawrence, massachusetts, who looked like walking icicles in the cold. >> it's tough because we're running into frozen hydrants and frozen lines. it's tough for the guys to get around with the icy conditions. >> rep
you, senator alexander. >> thanks, mr. chairman. it looks like just looking at tennessee that maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the funds that are available for mental health and substance abuse through the state government are federal dollars. does that sound about right? is that your experience? most of it goes through two big block grants, one big one and one smaller one. is that about right? >> sort of a rule of thumb somewhere around 1/4 of the funding for the nation. don't know about tennessee in particular but -- >> that sounds about -- about right. >> if you take the medicaid dollars each state has different matches so that changes how much state dollars and how much not. calfs the dollars that go for the mental health of the country as a whole are public dollars, federal and state. >> do you regularly consult with the state mental-health directors about your two block grants and how they are administered and how the money is -- how you might improve the process of applying for that money and make it easier for them to help the people who need help? >> absolutely. we put out a block grant a
chicago. and expect it to shift to the east coast and also the freezing rain in tennessee, very well could be accumulating, up to a half centimeter in some areas here. that will pile up on branches, on the trees, power lines, power outages, a major threat as that continues to move across much of the area. behind it, things will be drying off. but to the southeast. look at los angeles. seeing some rainshowers here throughout the next several days. high of 18. denver, well above average. 14 for the high. very different story in winnipeg. minus 21. good news by next week it will warm back up tthe freezing mark. something to look forward to i guess. here to the british isles, looking at snowfall. an area of low pressure moving overhead. that will start to the northern portions of the uk and work its way toward the south through saturday. gradually tapering off by saturday afternoon. you will get a little bit of a break, by sunday, another storm system working its way through. not too much of a break on tap. the next one a little stronger. here to the balkans, toward turkey. you will see some s
alabama camiones de sal se preparan para una tormenta de nieve, y en tennessee hacen los mismo. massachusetts los bomberos se congelaban tratando de apagar incendios. en nueva york, hay que mirar dos veces algunos lugares de interÉs turÍstico para reconocerlos, y algunos reciÉn hoy se atrevieron a salir. >>> tengo gorro, doble, guantes, no me falta nada. tiene que hacer toda una preparaciÓn. >>> sÍ. >>> el frÍo afecto los negocios que ofrecen combatirlo con algo caliente. >>> no lo veo asÍ. yo solamente algo. >>> ni siquiera para esto hay un buen negocio. >>> ni para esto. no hay nada. >>> los afectados que no recibieron dinero del seguro se ven forzados a comprar un calentador para abrigarse. >>> sin calefacciÓn, solo con agua. y fuimos donde nuestro hijo, yendo y viniendo. >>> y las recomendaciones estÁn a la orden del dÍa. deben tener tapada esta parte adelante del cuello, por donde pasa la laringe, en segundo lugar debe respirar por la nariz, porque el aire llega menos frÍo a los bronquios. >>> en salt lake un aviÓn resbalo por el hielo y tuvieron que cerrar el
. from tennessee. >> when i was 19 years old, i became ill with ultracolitis. i went through several months of very difficult treatment. a lot of medications. >> 6'2", always been a big guy. brought on secondary complications, sleep apnia, prehypertension. >> you're too fat followed me into adulthood. i didn't realize how much until now. >> after 25 years, i'm working with the colorado department of corrections, i get to retire on october 1st. >> 13 months ago, i went into sudden cardiac arrest at the notre dame/southern cal football game. little did i know on that brisk october day, my life was going to change forever. >> my sister had to have implants. i wasn't even tested or considered to be a donor because of my weight. >> i was down for 52 minutes and shocked nine times and rushed to the hospital. >> a 10-year-old kid, you still want to be a part of something be a part of the team. >> it's sanjay gupta. >> hey, dr. gupta. how are you? >> i'm great, annette. how are you? >> i'm fantastic this morning. >> i wanted to say surprise, welcome, and congratulations. we have already pick
. the storm has already dumped freezing rain in states including north carolina and tennessee. it's been dropping snow in ohio, pennsylvania right during the evening commute. along with a light dusting here in new york city over the last couple of hours. it's just the latest winter insult coming during a streesk frigid weather. animation shows how the cold air descended on the country last weekend as a drop in the jet stream sent temperatures plummeting across much of the country. all of those areas in bluish thing there is where it is below freezing. you can see the cycle as two separate cold fronts moved across the area. freezing conditions have been causing problems in firefighters. this lawrntion, massachusetts, first responders found themselves encased in ice as they fought a fire in a three story building last night. the deputy fire chief says the frozen fire hydrants and fire lines are making things tough. in chicago folks finally saw more than an inch of snow for the first time in 335 days. chicago hasn't seen a streak close to that in more than 70 years. , during this artic cold
planes. we are protecting the tennessee valley. along interstate 40 nashville, baton ruj, new orleans, all looking for potential for dangerous weather. >> you said the additional cold weather moving in later in the week. we will take it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> another top u.s. senator announcing his retirement. democrat tom harkin of iowa will not seek reelection when his term is up saying quote it is time to step aside. he is 73 years old he has been in the senate for nearly 30 years. the announcement coming because harkin has nearly 3 million bucks left in his campaign fund account. he was planning it for another fundraiser next month. he is the third long time senator to announce retirement recently. along with rockefeller and chambliss. >> the spotlight in the weekly address. south dakota senator talking about getting finances under control. the need to change government spending habits. >> washing ton is addicted oto spending your money. over the past four years our country added 6 trillion to the national debt. at $16.4 trillion the total debt is larger than o
, midatlantic and the midwest. tennessee valley and the carolinas also on ice and any reprieve -- well, could still be days away. frigid air also is making life even tougher for victims of superstorm sandy. many still don't even have basic utilities to heat their homes. national correspondent susan candiotti joins me now from staten island. i understand you spoke to a resident there who still can't get home. what is life like for these people right now? >> reporter: it's tough for everybody, randi. you can imagine it's about 15 degrees outside. with the windchill right now, feels about 5. all this cold is adding to the misery of people still recovering from superstorm sandy back on halloween. you look at staten island it's not hard at all to see houses that are still boarded up, debris everywhere, construction workers trying to get things back in shape. larry gonzalez, here's his story. his home was filled, because of the storm surge, with at least four feet of water. not only that, but a few hundred gallons of heating oil ran through his house. and you can still smell it. you can still see s
for hazard does driving around the country. kentucky and tennessee hard kentucky and tennessee hard hit. new york, new jersey and pennsylvania warming centers have opened up. crucial to those trying to recover from superstorm sandy. our weather desk says this arctic blast is going to hang on through the weekend. an ice storm could create havoc in iowa, illinois, and northern missouri on sunday. >>> it's been 540 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? they have started to announce cutbacks. it was announced they have begun laying off 46,000 contract and temporary civilian employees to cut costs. that's what happens. you cut costs, but you can see how much pain that will cause. >>> our fourth story "outfront," the party of stupid. it's not my word but it is the word at least one republican used to describe his own party. at the gop's winter meeting in north carolina. here's louisiana governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate bobby jindal speaking what he sees as the brutal truth last night. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. and i'm
to weather channel meteorologist mike seidel live in beautiful knoxville, tennessee. although it's still dark there. good morning, mike. where will the worst of the be today? >> reporter: good morning, alex. not here. in fact, let me recap, here, temperatures above freezing. ice yesterday. today, in the 40s. all those areas, parts of kentucky, tennessee, north georgia, the carolinas, that had the ice storm yesterday, highs in the 40s today. roads will improve dramatically. in fact, here all the ice has melted. let me take you back yesterday and get to the forecast. north georgia mountains, atlanta was fine, this is raven county, and skidding out and slipping off the icy roadways on those higher elevations in north georgia, in upstate carolina, we had one fatality, we head to the snow. north of the ice, snow across ohio, into the virginias and mid-atlantic toward new york, near roanoke, virginia, snow last friday and more snow today. most in the one to two inch category. not a big system. not a lot of moisture to work with, and we had snow and spinouts in western pennsylvania, allegheny county
't imagine the unspeakable grief in murphiesboro, tennessee, when we talk to the leaders in the muslim community and they tell me my kid doesn't want to go to school today because everybody is telling him, go home, you terrorist. i can't imagine the unspeakable grief in suburban minneapolis when the somali kids are told, you have to go home, you terrorists, get out of our community. they were born here, this is their community. i can't imagine the unspeakable fear in the aftermath of that horrible incident involving the murder outside of milwaukee, wisconsin, and you read the data showing here in the bay area the number of siekh american kids who reported they had been harassed in 2010. so we have a lot of work to do in sioux falls, south dakota, in buffalo, new york, in the bay area, across the country. we're doing just that. and the extent to which the profile of this issue has been raised in recent years i think is a remarkable trib bought to all of you in this room. it's a trib bought to this president. i had the privilege of going to the summit that the president held. he has
. they still have no heat. >> yeah. even the tennessee valley and the carolinas are actually on ice, freezing rain caused more than 200 wrecks around charlotte and 100 flights were canceled. we're joined this morning by meteorologist alexandra steele. tell us what is in store for the next few days. >> all right. a few things happening. one, in terms of the temperatures, we've hit bottom. we are going to warm up about 20 degrees, i'll tell you where. second thing, another ice storm developing in the midwest. a big picture, the snow and ice from yesterday is done, chicago finally picking up their inch. we are seeing a few lake effect snow showers coming off of lake michigan, but kind of negligible. washington, d.c., you're waking up looking out connecticut avenue and georgetown and some snow showers. that should be done by 9:00 this morning, as well. the next ice storm is developing for chicago. we do have a winter storm watch for chicago, supposed to be beginning tomorrow morning through monday morning. let me play it out for you. here's denver, a little piece of this energy that's the snow fa
weather. i don't like ice. i don't like snow. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking like ice sculptures and forced paramedics to skate to victims. in virginia, snow was the problem. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of white powder and brown slush. in chicago, an historic streak was finally broken. the city's first inch of snow in 335 days. to the east in syracuse with a high of 20 degrees ice had to be broken on the seneca river for those braving the polar bear plunge. the temperatures in michigan also so low the detroit river was dotted with what appeared to be icebergs. meanwhile, out west in utah where they're used to this sort of weather, the ice sent a record number of people to the e.r. including janille anderson. >> i went out to get the newspaper and the next thing i knew i was flat on my back in the driveway. >> reporter: injuries are treated and the cleanup continues and a new storm is targeting the midwest. nbc news, atlanta. >>> let's find out a little about the new storm. we turn to the weather channel's julie martin to find out what's ahead. good
made driving conditions treacherous across the northeast, midwest, and south. in knox county, tennessee, this fire truck skidded off the road crushing troomer slaying in his vehicle. slagl suffered a heart attack and slid off the road. a fire truck coming to his aid skidded in the same place. slagl died. in lexington, ken tuck eblack ice and slippery roads caused another fire truck to flip on its side. it's been a week of arctic air that has left much of the nation in an icy grip. in vermont, 20 degrees below zero. and in minnesota, some parts of the state dropped to 30 below. in new york city, temperatures remain below freezing all week. >> cold weather right now, how serious is this? >> so, you know, it's pretty serious. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey rabrich is the medical director of emergency medicine at st. luke's hospital. >> you can get confusion, dizzence, people can pass out. your heart could even stop if your temperature gets low enough. >> reporter: donna graziano says the dangerously cold weather won't stop her from making sure sandy victims have hot meals and a place to get warm
across the slippery roads. a thick sheet of ice also made things difficult in tennessee. dozens of accidents forced police to shut down roads, as officials declared a state of emergency. charlotte, north carolina, is coping with the same kind of trouble. traffic crawled along the interstate there, but that still wasn't enough to keep some drivers on the pavement. and this snow in ohio was particularly frustrating for parents and teachers. the flakes started falling during the morning rush hour. many school districts didn't make the call to close until it was too late. students were sent home almost as soon as they arrived for class. plows worked overtime trying to keep the roads clear. about four inches of snow fell before this storm moved out. stay on top of the weather in your neighborhood any time of day, head to our website, you'll find a live interactive radar with the latest forecast there. it's under our weather section. >>> new video just released shows a violent confrontation inside a day care center in landover. michael young was sentenced today to 2
. a thick sheet of ice has covered and crippled parts of tennessee, and in tennessee high winds and freezing temperatures formed ice dunes outside of lake erie. single-digit temperatures have left lakes and waterfalls frozen solid. in ohio a blanket of snow is causing the biggest problems. plows are working overtime while cars are barely working at all. the brutal conditions in so many places mean big business for tow truck operators. >> we usually average about 80 calls in the summertime and we're doing about 200 now. >> in chicago flakes fell for the first time in 265 days. a record drought when it comes to snow in the windy city. unwilling to wait, this man made his own patch of cold. >> you can never really count on mother nature anymore. she is not very reliable. >> or predictable. so many across the country bundled up and wondering what mother nature might bring next. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> get chills looking at that. hundreds of thousands of pentagon civilian employees could be facing furloughs and frozen pay checks if congress doesn't find the mandatory budget. one stays furlo
of tennessee. icing on the trees can cause power to go down and we talk about a half inch on some of the roads that means those roads become a solid sheet of ice as my mom would say. temps as you are waking up. cold across yeaforts north. not as cold as it was. 3 in minneapolis. the east is is going to look pretty good behind this storm system as far as precipitation goes. big storm out across parts of the west. southern california and arizona. this is one storm, there is another one in towards the pacific northwest. those will be weather makerrers across the central plains and eventually the northeast. take a look at the fiewrd, what this storm does it pulls out here into parts of the plains. by tomorrow you see that big area of pink, that's an ice storm potentially that we are talking about tomorrow and tomorrow night in across places like saint lewis and chicago and detroit. now, typically we see snow here. we don't see ice storms. incredibly dangerous. much more dangerous than a snow storm. big problem we are dealing with here. potentially seeing some of that ice maybe making its way in ph
start in kentucky where there were hundreds of crashing through tennessee. this video shows you just how bad it was. today, cold enough to keep that ice around. a lot of folks got a quarter-inch or so accumulating on cars, roads and power lines. and temperatures in the 20s for the most part. chicago finally did it. they got one inch of snow. actually 1.1 inches of snow. they hasn't done that for 335 days. we have a new storm to talk about, chicago. icing begins tomorrow. you could get up to a quarter-inch of ice. and that's part of the warm front from the great lakes and the northeast. buffalo and other parts going to get it. finally want to leave you with a look at the pacific northwest and the west because there is a storm coming in there. los angeles, up to a half-inch of rain. >> i know so many of us are just done with the cold. and i'll have some good news, with a little bit of a warm-up, coming up in the next half hour. so, stick around for that. >> thanks for reminding us of how cold it is in new york this morning, ginger. thank you. >> you're welcome. >>> we were all surprised by
a website showing explicit pictures of them is doomed to fail. the website is with triple xs are. it is hosted by go and it's known as a revenge website where men post nude pictures of their xs. congress passed a allow years ago sag the only people liable for online content are the people who post it. a law professor believes the site will fail anyway on its own. >> we've seen a number of web seats that have tried to gather and disseminate distasteful content. those websites tend to flame out really quickly. the marketplace tends to drive them out of business after they make an initial splash. >>> professor goldman recommends not sharing nude pictures of yourself because you have no control over where they will end up. >>> another silicon valley shake-up, the chief operating officer of the mobile payment company "square" has resigned over allegations of sexual harassment. he denied the statement. >>> apple is moving from smartphones to smart shoes. according to the website "apple insider" apple has filed a patent for technology that would alert a person when their s
covered and crippled parts of tennessee. in pennsylvania, high winds and freezing temperatures formed ice dunes over the waters of lake erie. just outside of boston, single digit temperatures have left lakes and waterfalls frozen solid. in ohio, a blanket of snow is causing the biggest problems. plows are working overtime. while cars are barely working at all. the brutal conditions in so many places mean big business for tow truck operators and repair shops. >> we usually average about 80 calls in the summertime. we're doing about 200 now. >> reporter: in chicago, flakes fell for the first time in 355 days a record drought when it comes to snow in the windy city. unwilling to wait, will white made his own patch of snow in his otherwise green charlotte neighborhood. >> you can't count on mother nature anymore. she's not very reliable. >> reporter: or predictable. so many across the country right now bundled up and wondering what mother nature might bring next. jay grey, nbc news. >> and this weekend we can finally crack below freezing temps. >> let's go to kim. >> we're looking to do that
tennessee born turner sayyng the inger ssould be a citizen pending confirmmtion from 3 turner has won eight grammy awards. 3 actor burt rrynolds is in intenssvvecare in a florida - hospittl this morning.a spokesperson says reynolls is being tteated foo flu symptoms. & actor wwnt to thh hospital after becoming dehydrated. 3 with all the changes going on adminnstration, many people have been aaking where are all the women?now, the president is answering with a few new appointments. jessica yellin has more. 3 mcdonough to beccme his chief &pof staff..."when he helped set -3 up my senate offfce... along with pete rouse he was able tt show me wwere the restrooms werre"president obama also named foor women to senior white hoose posts, incluuingg - white hoose ommland security adviser. no ddubt a down payment on this assurancee.."i would just suggest that everybody kind f wait unnil they've seen all my appointmenns, who's in the & white house staff and who's in - judgmenn."even if wooen fill all the aaministration's remainnng posts, ttere's the question of pp
. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel has more from knoxville, tennessee. hey, mike. >> reporter: hey, t.j. here in knoxville the ice storm is now just a memory. we had nine hours of freezing rain. but as you can see here on the trees it's all gone. it all melted. in fact temperatures overnight rose into the mid 30s. but yesterday we had hundreds of accidents across kentucky here in tennessee, even north georgia and through the western carolinas. one fatality reported in upstate south carolina. but the north georgia mountains had ice and cars skidding off the roadways. the other angle with this storm is the fact that we had snow from the ohio valley all the way to the northeast. but the snowfall amounts were on the light side from columbus to pittsburgh, into washington. generally a 1 to 2 inch snowfall. philadelphia and new york central park had 1 1/2 inches of snow. for the first time in chicago in 335 days they had an inch of snow. so the record streak ends but they've only had now about three inches for the entire winter. it still stays very cold today across the midwest and north
friend, the senator from tennessee, the honorable lamar alexander. [cheering and applause] mr. president, mr. vice president, ladies and gentlemen, the late alex haley lived his life by these six words, find the good and praise it. today we praise the american tradition of transferring or reaffirming immense power in the inauguration of the president of the united states. we do this in a peaceful orderly way. there is no mob, no cot, no insurrection, this is a moment when millions stop and watch. a moment most of us always will remember. it is a moment that is our most conspicuous and enduring symbol of the american democracy. how remarkable that this has survived for so long in such a complex country when so much power is at stake. this freedom devote to our leaders and the restraint to respect the results. last year at mount vernon, a tour guide told me that our first president, george washington, once posed this question: what is most important, washington asked of this grant experiment? the united states. and then washington answered his own question in this way: not the election of
half mile. >>reporter: schools closed. closed early in georgia, tennessee, kentucky, north carolina and in virginia where cars and school bus negotiate with the ice. but in much of the midwest and northeast where the storm is now quickly moving and where it is still bitterly cold. >> my nose got really cold. >>reporter: schools are still open and health officials are warning parents to keep their kids safe. >> what if the child hasn't been sick before and good outside and having a cough that might be one of the first signs that you may see that they are having some kind of bad response to the cold air. >>reporter: few family to really feel for. in sprays caught open camera. people who live in this apartment building in pontiac, michigan have had no heat since saturday. were using their oven to keep warm. then adding insult to injury, the water pipe burst. [ screaming my god. >>reporter: it was really tough for firefighters battling a blaze in massachusetts who look like walking icicle in the cold. >> running that frozen hydrant and line and tough for the guys to get around w
't have basic utilities to keep warm. and the tennessee valley and the carolinas are also on ice. freezing rain is blamed for more than 200 wrecks around charlotte and the airport there had to cancel 100 flights. here's how you can tell it's really, really cold. a polar bear plunge. where people take a plunge in the river for fun, as they say. one was called off in new jersey because organizers said the single digit windchill made it too dangerous. >> cold water is the point, though, right? >> there's cold and there's cold. >> there's cold and there's -- >> that is frigid. the question, of course, is there any warm-up in sight anywhere in the u.s.? >> hi. all right. too cold for a polar bear plunge. that's off the charts. hi, everyone, good rng mo. well, you are freezing from maine to macon, georgia, but there's good news ahead. temperatures really on the aggregate for the country warming up, especially the east coast. but give you a little taste of how cold it is. right now in boston, you're waking up, walking out the door to 3, 5 in new york, washington about an inch, inch and a half of
is brewing similar to what we saw in kentucky and tennessee yesterday. let me show you why. here's the forecast radar. this is today. a piece of this energy that we're seeing developing tonight in the colorado rockies will move out, and then what's going to happen is here's chicago. we have in chicago a winter storm watch posted for tomorrow morning through monday morning. and why it's freezing rain and not snow is they are right at the surface is below freezing but higher up in the atmosphere it's liquid. it's coming down as liquid and freezing when it gets to that colder air. so for sunday night, and again that watch is for tomorrow morning through monday morning so sunday into sunday night is when that freezing rain is, and monday we'll watch that freezing rain and snow move east in toward upstate new york and the northeast. on the other note in terms of the temperatures, we'll see a warm-up on the way finally. a ridge of high pressure is moving in kind of moving away that arctic air and misplacing it. temperatures 20 degrees warmer than where they've been. in the southeast, w
's eat! let's get at this one here. beautiful. >>> here's a sweet story for you. three tennessee high school students crowned a fellow classmate with a very big honor. last week, students from unionville community high school gave up their homecoming king nominations and presented the honor to scottie malone. he's a junior who suffers from a neurological disorder called williams syndrome. he proudly wore the king's medal to school this week. >> kind of emotional from everybody. i think i saw scottie shed a few tears. we were all emotional out there on the court. >> means an awful lot to you, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> next year, scottie is going to present the crown to the new homecoming king. >>> dreamliner troubles in the south bay. a major setback for that nonstop route connecting san jose to japan. >> and run, dog run. tips to keep man's best friend active, healthy and safe. >> here's another cool 49er fan photo for you in the meantime. according to this dog's owner, wake me up when the game starts. we want to show off your niners pride.
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